Let the Virus Heal You

Don’t run. Don’t hide. Just feel.

Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t watch TV. Don’t read. Don’t talk on the phone. Don’t sing. Don’t walk. 

Just feel.

Mobility has ceased. Climbing has perished. Rushing about and looking around and hiding in plain sight…demolished. 

Working. Doing. Attaining. Reaching. For now, they are no more. For now there is only one option: to be. 

To confront the chaos within.

Never has an opportunity such as this presented itself: a collective opportunity to see the truth of every moment, to feel it, and, finally, to learn to live fully with the truth of who we are. To solidly examine, with face turned toward the sky, each pang of regret, shame, sadness, jealousy, hope, joy, relief, desperation, irritation, depression, rage…to solidly examine our humanity. To breathe all of it in. To welcome all with no discernment, to embrace the parts of the self that require attention, and to heal without distraction or denial.

For the first time, stillness is not just a suggestion but a requirement. For the first time, meditation and solitude are not just luxuries but necessities. For the first time, the inner child can truly come first.

How incredible is that?

Here is our chance: let’s take it! Let’s make the shift. Let’s look at ourselves! Let’s be true to our hearts by sitting with them in silence, by feeling every single feeling with openness and allowance. Let’s heal!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s take this chance to remove the tendency toward judgement. Let’s undo the instinct toward blame. Let’s take this time to learn to look at the source of every feeling that we have without searching for someone or something to attack in an effort to escape the pain. 

Let’s do it! Let’s learn to look at who we are when an emotion rises up, rather than looking at who another person fails to be. Let’s let each other off the hook. Let’s evolve. Let’s grow. Let’s feel.

Let’s brave this quiet. Let’s brave this fear. Let’s not give in. 

Let’s change.

Let’s be.